About Indigenous Permaculture

INDIGENOUS PERMACULTURE is a grassroots organization. We envision that diverse communities we work with will become self-sustainable by reclaiming and promoting their own traditional practices and values.


We are a non-profit organization rooted in an indigenous cosmovision that seeks to promote community development through traditional approaches in education, art, integral health, and traditional agriculture. We are committed to supporting the development of the diverse communities we work with, both in the United States and Central America.

OUR MISSION is to support and empower communities to become their own protagonists in developing self-sustainable ways of living. We share traditional farming practices and apply environmentally and culturally-appropriate technology, with the ultimate goal of community food security. We do this work in an affordable way that builds capacity within the community. We provide holistic support to design and implement community food security projects, inspired by Indigenous peoples' understanding of how to live in place.
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UPDATE: We hope you, your family, and your whole community are doing really well. We would like to inform you that our gardens are closed to the public at this time. We look forward to meeting you there again soon. We are still working and growing food and medicinal plants for all to share. Follow our schedule for the Solidarity Food Bag distribution on Facebook or on the web.

Esperamos que usted, su familia y toda su comunidad estén realmente bien. Nos gustaría informarle que nuestros jardines están cerrados al público en este momento. Esperamos volver a verte pronto. Seguimos trabajando y cultivando alimentos y plantas medicinales para que todos puedan compartir. Siga nuestro horario para la distribución de la Bolsa de Comida Solidaria en Facebook o en la web.

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